December 4th, 2004

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Jerry Falwell On Choosing To Be Heterosexual - or "Rabble, Rabble Rabble"</font>
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Oh, but I hate him. My abject hatred of Jerry Falwell runs tantamount to my unrelenting hatred of Ann Coulter. I think I need to make an Ann icon.

Pretty productive day all in all, the Ballistic Princess was feeling better after a week + of being ill (in more ways than one) - but evidently that's been a trend here lately.

I'm hiding out in my room because I cannot afford to have one more person, grown or not, piss me off or otherwise irritate me for the remainder of this evening. My normal inexhaustable reserves of patience I'm having to ration out, and I'm dangerously close to spitting bile directly at people if they're not careful. I can only stand so much bullshit being thrown at me before I forfeit the freebies and start getting nasty, in a "to HELL with sparing YOUR feelings anymore, fucker" kind of way. I think that is part of my 2,476,028 problems, I spend so much of my time letting things go because most often it's just not worth giving the energy to, and I come from a very you "have to pick your battles wisely" background. It's just that sometimes I realize how much I do let go of, how many concessions I make for so many different people, and as soon as I come to this realization I become very resentful. Spiteful, even. At least I've grown away from deliberately trying to pick fights, though that urge is still there sometimes.

Alright, I'm off to help albumlady establish a MP3 archive, beginning with Jeff Buckley, Jennifer Nettles, Angie Aparo, Joni Mitchell, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Peter Gabriel, Sara Evans, Coldplay, Duncan Sheik, Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil, Toad The Wet Sprocket, and Tori Amos.

I'll be up for a bit, if you're on AIM I'm JudeBennett32...

Memories Meme

I generally loathe memes, because usually they're for people who think Paris Hilton is a role model and/or that "Errybody in da club gettin' tipsy" is a work of musical genius. So I have decided that I'd make a meme that is meaningful for the people on your friends list. Here's what you do:

Go through your memories, find 5 posts that are important to you. Consider that there are people who have added you to their friends list, and this would be a good way to show them what you're all about. They can even be another person's post, so long as it means something special to you. Post links to these entries with the subject line in the link text. Then do the same in your own journal:

Memories Meme
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