November 19th, 2004

Welcome To Friday, Jude Style


Bobby Frank Cherry Dead At 74
[Atlanta Journal Constitution/CNN]

His daughter, Karen Sunderland, said the family would take Cherry's body back to Texas for burial. Sobbing, she said she had planned to come to Alabama for a visit today.

"He was a good man," she said.

Fuck you, Karen - he was good at murdering little girls in church, that's all he was good at. Well, that and being a faithful Klansmen. I hope that there really IS a hell, and that at this very moment he's being assraped by Hitler in drag with the contraption from Se7en.

A theocracy won't forgive our trespasses
[Atlanta Journal Constitution]
Opinion Column, by JAY BOOKMAN

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Congress passes $8.18 Trillion Billion Gazillion debt limit hike

Party-line vote sends measure to Bush for signature

With the government facing imminent default because it has depleted its authority to borrow money, the debt limit bill would pump up the federal borrowing cap to $8.18 trillion. That is 70 percent the size of the entire U.S. economy, and more than $2.4 trillion higher than the debt Bush inherited upon taking office in 2001.

Catholic bishops signal commitment to abuse reforms

"Most skeptics felt that given the chance and given the time, the bishops would just keep taking steps backward until we were back where we were 10 years ago," Archibald said. "This indicates a ray of hope that they are taking this more seriously."

Indeed, I think things will be MUCH better once the Vatican hands down the decree to replace their former strategy of sweeping this issue under the carpet with their new and improved strategy of sweeping it under the rug.

Addiction to porn destroying lives, Senate told

Internet pornography is corrupting children and hooking adults into an addiction that threatens their jobs and families, a panel of anti-porn advocates told a hearing organized Thursday by Senator Sam Brownback, chairman of the Commerce subcommittee on science.

Mary Anne Layden, co-director of a sexual trauma program at the University of Pennsylvania, said pornography’s effect on the brain mirrors addiction to heroin or crack cocaine. She told of one patient, a business executive, who arrived at his office at 9 a.m. each day, logged onto Internet porn sites, and didn’t log off until 5 p.m.

::does another line of*, allows Avery to run after the dog with a steak knife::

WAAAAH!! I have NO self control, so I'm blaming the porn! ::tug tug tug::

If you visit this site at work and it results in your being fired for viewing a porn site at work, know now that you deserve to get fired and that I warned you.