November 3rd, 2004

Because I've EARNED my right to speak, that's why.

Before I say anything, I'll take the time to remind you that you're reading MY journal of your own volition. No one is forcing you to read OR like one fucking word I say. That is all the warning I will give before I go on. This is also my public analysis on why I think anyone who voted for Bush or for a Marriage Amendment is an equal opportunity moron. A vote for one was a vote for the other. You've consigned us all to another four years of ruin and shameless mockery of everything this country allegedly stands for, and you both need and deserve to know that. Once again, the ideals of freedom, democracy, and fairness are being raped. I have earned the right to my outrage, and I will not be complacent.

Of course I'm disappointed, but as I stated in an earlier entry I am not surprised. I am, however, ashamed of my fellow countrymen and women for allowing this, and in a lot of instances making it or at the very least alowing it to happen. You will be judged accordingly and held equally accountable. Lines have been drawn out here, and the line I try to keep held in place that makes a distinction between my abject hatred of the church and it's congregants is now totally convoluted.

  • ATTENTION: Jesus Nazis: Go get fucked.

There is no separation of Church and State in this country, we've (once again) proven this.

  • ATTENTION: Michael Moore

You helped make this happen. If for no other reason, than for putting so much ridiculous focus on the 7 minutes issue after Bush was advised on the 9/11 attacks. In cases where we are under attack, secret service intercepts the President and effectively renders him impotent until it is established that he is in fact secure. What was he supposed to do in those 7 minutes, considering the fact that no information was even made available at that time for him to even make an effective public statement, least of all affect any immediate change? You've chosen tactics that are reminiscent of those employed by the ones you profess to despise so much. Case in point, the Bin Laden family's departure from the US prior to the 9/11 attacks. If you're going to blame anyone, assign that blame where it belongs. Richard Clarke made that call, not Bush.

  • ATTENTION: Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon and Utah

You've wasted time, money, and murdered common sense with these unconstitutional Gay Marriage Amendments. Brace yourselves for pending lawsuits at the civil, state, and federal levels because you've all made it clear that you're fucking sheep that are easily led by badly worded propaganda. You listened to the Right-Wing Evangelical hysterics that told you Kerry was going to ban the bible and turn everyone gay, and your complete ignorance of that which you tout so baselessly merits the death penalty. You were all played like puppets by a deceptive GOP maneuver that was a sure thing. Even if the friend I asked to go with me to the capitol and sit in on the House Rules Committee meeting and speak to the senators and state representatives about his loss had gone, it wouldn't have mattered - they were all up for reelection to keep their seats and this was a sure thing to guarantee that with constituents. Way to go, assholes. Doing so in the name of God, all you've done is mock your own faith and democracy as a whole.

Time to Amend the constitution to also ban widows and widowers from access to marry, as well as nonchristians, people who cannot conceive naturally, and people who choose to remain childless. The best argument anyone can give me on opposition to gay marriage is that we cannot produce children naturally - completely baseless assertion, but whatever - and that marriage is a holy sanction or religious union. That's another lie, as that is the description of MATRIMONY, not marriage. The weaker arguments are too insignificant to even comment on, so I won't.

  • ATTENTION: People who didn't vote, registered and unregistered - especially the 18-24 age bracket

For those of you age 18-24, you only accounted for 17% of the total vote, which is disgraceful. Your vote DOES count, DID count, and WOULD HAVE counted. You alone could have determined a different outcome in this process, so next time - for fuck's sake - stop being so goddamned lazy. The GOP used the Religious Reich to tow the line for their agenda, then hypocritically got irked when MTV courted you for the youth vote - and you just stood by and let it happen. Scores of you are unemployed as a result of these people, so it's not like you didn't have the time or couldn't have made it if you did. UNACCEPTABLE!!

  • ATTENTION: Barack Obama

Congratulations on your victory, I'm thrilled for you, your constituents, and the idealism that makes this process work. Plus, you spanked Alan Keyes. For that alone I'd blow you. Here's to the hope that in my lifetime you'll be the first African American President of the United States, and that I can serve as campaign manager.

  • ATTENTION: Bigger fish did not win this election, hysteria, fear, and the wrong issues did.

"Winning the war on terrorism" has spun us all into a climate of fear that has choked out rational thought. There have always been terrorists, there will always be terrorists. Try winning the war on CHRISTIAN terrorism, how about THAT?

President Asshole has been rehired to expand the national deficit some more. The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $1.67 billion per day since September 30, 2003. The Outstanding Public Debt as of 03 Nov 2004 at 04:35:59 PM GMT is $7,451,745,152,093.62. The estimated population of the United States is 294,701,858 so each citizen's share of this debt is $25,285.71. Just so you know.

We cannot choose who we can marry by gender, how long will women have the right to continue making their reproductive choices?

Who wants to tackle the issues facing the environment which has been so terribly neglected? Who is going to help you keep your job now that President Fuckchop has been guaranteed his?

Go read the words of your own daugher as they appeared in the guest column of the Atlanta Journal Constitution [link], then accept that you are a miserable failure in everything you've tried to acheive in your miserable life, then die please. From the bottom of my alimentary canal, please die.

  • ATTENTION: John Kerry

I voted for you yesterday as the lesser of the two evils. You would have gotten my full support if I could have believed you were committed to certain issues, but I started losing faith in you by your stance on the FMA, and then when you trashed Howard Dean for not supporting the war in Iraq, henceforth known as "Obsession for Men". As a matter of fact, fuck you, John Kerry - for not being Howard Dean. At least with Dean, you could believe the candidate would dig his heels in and go toe to toe with an issue.

  • ATTENTION: Anyone who believes as I do that we cannot give up working for and demanding change
Go read "Don't Mourn, Organize" on Next election, I will volunteer again for more campaign work. Between now and then, there's lots to be done.