November 2nd, 2004

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I knew that Bush would take Georgia, that was no shock. I also knew that Amendment 1 (The Marriage Amendment) would pass, and while that saddens me, it isn't surprising. I stood at that machine in defiance of Mike Crotts and every Republican that voted to send to the ballot on that day in March when I sat in on the House Rules Committee meeting in the Capitol. I stood at that machine and declared that no matter how many "Protect Traditional Marriage" signs I have suffered seeing, I know I'm right and this entire issue couldn't be more wrong.

As I explained to Damien earlier this evening when we were at the polls, voting is a big deal to me. Not just to have a voice, but to formally declare what you think is right and wrong. It made me very happy that I could vote with him. It is also typical of the fact that I know too many goddamned people that I personally knew two of the poll workers in my district. Funny how that works, and yes it's true - I can't go anywhere withouit knowing at least two or three people.

I'm actually kind of surprised that Kerry took New Jersey, I'm sure that makes rahaeli and ladysisyphus very proud. I also laughed out loud for joy when I checked on Illinois and saw Barack Obama's 87% lead over Alan Keyes miserable 11%. I'm also keeping my hopes high for my friend Alisha Thomas-Morgan of District 39. I'm going to give her a call once all of this blows over either way.

Perhaps the biggest thing of the day for me, the thing that has meant the most to me is Damien's parents. I love them like they were my own parents, and we've made ourselves a family. Apparently my political nature and activism has rubbed off on them, because they've never before voted in a Presidential election before, and they both voted today. After voting, Dad told Mom that he voted against Amendment 1. Apparently she promptly burst into tears and hugged him. If you're reading this, I love you both more than you could possibly know and you've made me very very proud.

I'm feeling better physically, thanks to all of my well-wishers and friends. Even if I were still sick as a dog I would have dragged my ass to the poll. This election is going to be close, I'm preparing for the worst and hoping that by the end of the night John Kerry will be elected. And if not, I'll take comfort in knowing that I made my stand.