November 1st, 2004

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Only in AIMerica: An exchange of ideas surrounding the Jesus Block Party that happened this weekend close to michaelnolan (a.k.a. Screaming Jesus). We'll let the picture speak for itself:

In other news, I really love Jason's Deli. It is my favorite place to get good gumbo and a kick ass salad. What I do not like, however, is having it come back to haunt me at 1:00AM while I'm yakking all over myself and the floor. Yeah. Nice. I know that's TMI, but you'll live - I promise. And hey, look at it this way - I didn't even mention what ELSE it did to me.

I'm spending a good deal of time this week getting the house cleaned and put back in order, it's been driving me batshit crazy. My beloved michaelnolan and mynameisbessie will be here on Friday for the weekend, and I'm looking forward to this visit like you just don't know. We're going to Dale's birthday dinner and then to see Sugarland on Friday night, then spending Saturday going picture-taking. I'm going to let Michael take a lot of the requested eMotion-Jude pictures, so if you haven't put in your request yet then feel free to do so, as the thread will be frozen on Wednesday of this week.

I've got tons to do today between work, lj_abuse, and the house, so that's it for me today I think.
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AMBER ALERT! Please distribute!

Amber Alert Issued for 16 Year Old Georgia Girl
Posted: Sunday October 31 9:32 PM CT

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation issued the Amber Alert, known as a Levi's Call in Georgia, on Sunday evening for a 16-year-old Monroe County girl who was abducted Saturday.

Jesseca Williamson, 16 yrs., white female, 5'4", 104 lbs. with brown eyes and reddish brown hair. Police are looking for Ryan McCrickard, 16 yrs., white male, 5'6", 145 lbs with blond haircut short on the sides. He is out on bond for murder in Polk County.

McCrickard may be armed with a .22 caliber pistol and should be considered dangerous. The suspect vehicle is a black 1994 Ford Ranger Pickup with Georgia tag 6729SK. Police believe they may be headed to Tennessee on I-75.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Monroe County Sheriff's office at (478) 994-7050 or dial 911.</b>

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