October 22nd, 2004


A friend of mine is looking for a good home for a puppy he recently acquired. This dog has had a troubled past, but with the right care and rehabilitation, he will most likely become a good and faithful friend. I have a picture of this precious little puppy behind the cut below, guaranteed to warm your heart and make your day!

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Dear Mom & Dad, Please send money - I'm so broke that it ain't funny...

Another milestone

So last night I had the opportunity to see the first ever video from my beloved Sugarland, which was very emotional for me. I cried the whole time I watched it, thinking the whole time while I'm looking at it "That's my friend right there singing... You have to understand for (those of you that don't know) that Jennifer and I have been good friends for almost 10 years now. I met her at a friend's place downtown, and we've been friends ever since. I've said before that I know the meanings of all of her songs because I've been present for some of the experiences she writes about. It's been very wierd over the years keeping separate who she is as a friend from who she is as a performer, because as a friend she's just this gentle little spirit and when she hits the stage she owns it. I love what she does musically, but when I think of her randomly I think of conversations and laughter, and sometimes even shared tears. So to see her in a music video is quite overwhelming. I cannot describe how proud of her I am, it's beyond words.

Sugarland - Baby Girl
You might have to open it in an Internet Explorer window, it gave me fits in Firefox...


If your cable provider get Great American Country (GAC), the video for Baby Girl will be showing in rotation now:

NOTE: Time listed is the half hour in which the video will air.All times are Eastern.

1/2 HOUR
Friday October 22
04:30 PM
Baby Girl Sugarland
Saturday October 23
01:30 AM
Baby Girl Sugarland
10:00 AM
Baby Girl Sugarland
07:30 PM
Baby Girl Sugarland
Sunday October 24
12:00 AM
Baby Girl Sugarland
12:30 PM
Baby Girl Sugarland
08:00 PM
Baby Girl Sugarland
Monday October 25
07:30 AM
Baby Girl Sugarland
03:00 PM
Baby Girl Sugarland
11:30 PM
Baby Girl Sugarland
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