September 30th, 2004

Jesus Goddamn Christ

I need some quiet time.
I need some "Whining-B-Gone" to spray directly on children.
I need more time in a day.
I need sleep.
I need to clean my room.
I need to not feel stressed out.
I need a clean, organized office.
I need more knowledge in general of certain things.
I need certain people to fuck right off.
I need two days completely alone.

Ten more minutes and I'm having a glass of wine.
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Gay Marriage Amendment Fails

The US House of Representatives failed Thursday to get enough votes to pass a proposed amendment to the Constitution to bar same-sex marriage.

227 members voted for the amendment, while 186 voted against it, falling short of the two-thirds needed for passage.

Perspective on the debate

I'm the guy who cannot watch American Idol auditions OR karaoke because I get so embarrassed for people when they make fools of themselves that it causes me actual pain. Right now, President Shrub is doing karaoke on American Idol within this debate. I can hardly bear to watch it, but I must admit I'm absolutely loving him make a complete fuckwit of himself. I think the only people right now who are more embarrassed than I am are all of his handlers, who no doubt at this moment are probably writing suicide notes.