September 24th, 2004

I don't need anyone to tell me I'm anal retentive, obsessive, and an organization freak.

I have SO much to do today that I had to make a list AND a plan of attack yesterday, just so I might have a shot at getting it all done. I do NOT like living in a dirty house, it drives me crazy. I hate dirty dishes being left in the sink, I hate dirty floors and carpets, I HATE HATE HATE clutter of any kind, I hate dust (my allergies especially hate dust), I hate a dirty bathroom in any way, shape, form, or fashion.


The plan for the day, in order of designated task/approximate task time is:

  • dusting the entire house | [20 minutes]

  • finishing all laundry | [untimed, as it will be done throughout the day]

  • cleaning/organizing Cole's bedroom | [45 minutes]

  • cleaning/organizing Avery's bedroom | [45 minutes]

  • cleaning my bathroom ceiling to floor | [30 minutes]

  • cleaning the kitchen and dining room | [30 minutes]

  • cleaning and organizing the laundry room | [20 minutes]

  • sweeping/mopping/vacuuming the entire house | [45 minutes]

Once Avery goes down for a nap after lunch, I have office work to do. I have to call 23,745 OHA offices to get client statuses on the 36,734 clients we have at the moment - then call the clients and give them a status update on their case, listen to them go on and on about stuff I have no control over, and ask questions I'm not able to answer. Part of the job, I'm not complaining. Besides, I like helping people who need it.

I need to recheck my Abuse cases, there is one left over from yesterday that still has yet to comply with the order. I've got to leave the house by 2:45 to get Cole from school, then come straight back home and catch up on anything I've missed out on.

Alright, Cole's leaving for school, so I'm about to get a second cup of coffee and get to work. My boy, by the way, made straight A's on his report card yesterday, and even though he is only in 2nd grade, it has been determined that he's way passed the other kids in his Advanced Reading class. They're giving him 4th and 5th grade books to read just to keep him from getting bored. I made him blueberry pancakes for breakfast and have told him he has to clean his room when he gets home from school, then I'm surprising him by taking him into a clean room and letting him have extra computer time.

Yesterday I made a Sugarland wallpaper for the sugarland community members, but if you like the band and want to use it take it and pass it on please.
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Stallion, Baby!!

Short break for water and an update. I'm right on schedule with my cleaning endeavors and such, and have decided that the Indigo Girls and Barenaked Ladies make for a great accompaniment to housework. The Ballistic Princess™ is alternately helping me and watching Barney. I've made helping with housework a game, so she's more inclined to keep her stuff cleaned up. It works, because we sing the Clean Up song and she goes to town putting her toys away whenever I ask.

That is all.

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