August 18th, 2004

Those dishes in the sink, they can go straight to hell.

Before I let my laziness kick in too severely, I'm going to have to reassemble the kitchen into something I can live with. I cannot stand going to sleep if there's a dirty dish anywhere, it unnerves me. Then instead of waking up and having a simple cup of coffee, I wake up to a scene of murdered pasta pots and dried sauce - and I end up having a cup of my own angst, taken with Prilosec. Nice. Since I have had such a stellar (yes, stellar) day, I'll treat myself to waking up in a good mood.

Had a good day with Avery, excluding her defiance at lunchtime. Once a month she designates a week of "I'm not going to eat anything real or substantial like this perfectly healthy meal you're prepared, but can I just have cereal and Kool Aid instead?" Of course, that goes nowhere fast with me. So yeah, we fought about that. After I put her down for a nap I knocked out a few abuse cases, which I feel very acomplished about. It was nice to hit a groove and fly through some stuff. Very rewarding.

I took Avery and Cole to the park after school, the pictures below are from today. That's pretty much it.

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