July 23rd, 2004

Thank Dog It's Friday

It's going to be a relatively quiet day, and I'm determined that were going to get a lot done today. All three children are finishing up showers, getting dressed, packed up for the weekend, and ready to play inside. Maggie is coming home at 2 to get the kids and leave for Tampa. She's taking Haley and Cole to Busch Gardens until Monday. Avery is staying home with Nathan. Damien and I are heading up to Atlanta, and will be back sometime Sunday.

I've got household stuff to do today before I leave the house this evening, because I cannot stand the idea of leaving the house dirty. So it will be clean before I walk out the door this evening. I slept pretty damned good last night, so I'm all caffeinated now and ready to go.

batmoon and pacwastaken, check your email please. If you didn't get the stuff I sent, let me know what addy to use and I'll resend.

Good energy, love, and respect to oncedelight, rahaeli, and ladysisyphus, for reasons I'm sure of which they're aware. No fanfare, just know I'm thinking of you.

To my sweet dimpledoo, no matter where you are or how far away it seems, I'm right where you leave me each and every time, and I'm not going anywhere you can't ever find me.

Be well, everyone.
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    Billy Joel - Only the Good Die Young