July 20th, 2004

I Think I Can, I Think I Can... ::chugga chugga chugga::

Quick post while I'm on a break from reading lj_abuse

I'm sitting here reading away, horrified as usual about some people's stupidity and even more by their bad taste, when Nathan comes into my room with a venti coffee from Starbuck's. I love my Nathan...

Apologies to arie, erin, and rahaeli for taking so long to get where I want to be on the team, I'm really trying to get there. Slowly but surely, I'll make it. My mIRC client is the Devil, to the extent that the Fundies would have me believe, so I've had a hard time popping in to say hello and ask questions, of which I have plenty. Oh, and rahaeli, this icon's for you...

Happy Anniversary and much love to Mr. and Mr. Bessie!! You're both wonderful and have my love, respect, and best energy - hope your day is the best! And smooches to albumlady because, well, she rocks balls and I want to send her cyber smooches. The Tigger™ kind, extra slobbery with a side of pounce. rrrraaawwwrrrr!

Thanks again to chola23712 for the visit the other day, that was very special to me and I enjoyed it immensely. ...coughcoughGARLIC!!cough... ::ducks::

Back to my regularly scheduled training, SEND ME GOOD ENERGY!!
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