July 16th, 2004

Thank Dog It's Friday

Man, oh man...

Had yet another fantastic dinner at Sushiko last night. Lemon salmon roll, white tuna, scallops, MMMM sushi... Came home and realized that I missed seeing rabid fundie*[see below for fundie verification] James Dobson sucking Sean Hannity's spam hammer on Hannity & Colmes last night. I was really hoping to see that, too. Did anyone else see it? Was it all frothing-at-the-mouth like I imagine it would be when Dobson starts in on his special brand of rabid homophobia? I am so not believing I missed that, I really wanted to call in or at least email in with the statement on marriage and the family from the American Anthropological Association just to watch Alan Colmes grin at Dobson & Hannity's seizures... ::shoves hands in pockets, kicks dirt::

This ran on 365Gay.com this morning: From the state that gave us Ubercunt Marilyn Musgrave, there are some serious issues going on between Senate hopeful/homophobic hatemonger/Coors beer heir Pete Coors, his chosen political affiliation (GOP), and the gay community. Apparently the homos think he's too homophobic and the Conservatives think he's too gay friendly. I swear, Jack Ryan cut his own head off and Pete Coors sprouted from his neck.

Today I have to kick ass getting the house in order for the weekend, as I hate having a weekend spent catching up on housework. I'd rather be doing other things, like biking and getting ready for lj_abuse casework, which, I hope to start next week provided I finish what I need to finish first. Let the Ricky Fitz style verbal bitchslaps begin!

*Top 10 Signs You're A Fundie