July 12th, 2004

I made the rice, you made the gravy... HEY, but it just might be some TUNA fish you're lookin' for

The kids have done a pretty good job of playing nicely together today, boys AND girls - together, even. I'm somewhat shocked, really. Normally it's Jake & Cole teaming up and Sara and Avery pairing off - but today (barring the exception of this morning's tiff, as it were) they have all played together for the most part.

I just fixed my bike for my evening ride, which I'm hoping will cover at least 10 miles. I even fabricated a case for my handlebars that my MP3 player can be securely held in, because that was becoming a nuisance. Sooner or later I'll break down and get something that is actually made for such a task, that provided this thing falls apart on me one of these days.

I added a muthaload of icons, all damned amusing in one respect or another. Especially the Foamy The Squirrel ones. The newer ones are the bottom 10 when you scroll down to the bottom of the page.

I'm in a really strange mood today. It's almost as if I'm kind of drowsy, even though I slept reasonably well last night. Could be just running after 4 kids and doing housework all day, and the fact that it's like Africa Tarzan hot outside today. And very apathetic. Maggie even said as much.

She and Nathan saw a matinee of Fahrenheit 9/11, which she said made her cry three different times and was sufficient enough to disturb her "for the rest of the month". I want to see it, even though I'm going to have to ignore a lot of the Michael Moore narrative.

I am feeling a SERIOUS itch to go take some pictures one of these days when I have the free time, whenever that is. See, I say stuff like that and realize I never get alone time to just sit and do a "me" thing, unless it's after 11PM and everyone else is in bed. And the only reason why that is even significant is because when I think too long about just taking the time to do a "me" thing, I feel guilty for some reason, like I shouldn't be taking the time to do my own stuff if I know there's something that needs to get done, but then there is never NOT something that has to be taken care of. Lest I break a blood vessel in my head somewhere, I'm getting off that subject.

Damien just walked in, so I'll stop now. Take care and be well, all...
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