July 7th, 2004

Adding up the total of a love that's true, multiply life by the power of two...

Tami came home for lunch, I heard the door open, and I thought it might be you. I looked into the kitchen and was disappointed that it was her and not you.

I know I could tell you this 10,000 times a day and it still wouldn't be enough to convey the gravity of it, but I love you like you cannot know. I miss you when you're not here with me, and would rather spend time with you doing absolutely nothing than anything or anywhere else I could be doing something - anything - else.

It hit me like a 760Li passing a tricked out 4 banger on the Autobahn the other day, a very simple reality. You are the love of my life - and there will never be another like you no matter how long I live and am lucky enough to have a life with you.
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Started taking Melatonin for my insomnia, I've taken it before years ago and I don't remember how or if it worked. I'm giving it a shot. Thanks daisy_down, I hope it works and that you enjoy your tea. If not, at least you can enjoy the steam from the cup.

Reading lj_abuse files and reports until I go blind again, then going to bed. Hopefully no later than 11. Jake & Sari are coming over for a playdate tomorrow, so I can kiss "study time" away for the daylight hours. No worries, it'll keep everyone here occupied. Princess Bispleensual will keep the Ballistic Princess entertained, and Jake and Cole will no doubt find new and interesting ways to be... new and interesting.

There are all kinds of things going on in the news, I just read about some nutcase in East Point (East Pernt, if you're a local) that woke up to go pee and delivered twins into the toilet - then left them to die before waking up the boyfriend. Oh, and the 14 year old son of the caretaker on Sam Donaldson's New Mexico ranch is being charged with killing his entire family and burying them on the property.

Thunder and lightning, gotta go...