June 3rd, 2004

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I applied to lj_abuse this morning as a volunteer worker. I've been thinking about this for a long long time now. After my last post, I figured it was time. Thanks again, arie, for helping me to decide.

In other news, I broke my printer yesterday. Like seriously, I broke it. Something snapped and a piece fell off. I can fix it, but it's going to be a pain in the ass.

My once crabby mood is lightening up slowly, but the upcoming Six Flags trip should help that immensely.

That is all.
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More Shenanegins and Musings from the Ballistic Princess


BP is screaming, yelling, whining, and otherwise being a pain in the ass. At one point she even insisted that no one sit near her, no one help her get dressed (which, thank you, she's doing on her own now - *le sigh*) and has taken to waving us away.

Maggie: Avery, you're being very mean today.

Avery: NO!! I NOT MEAN!! I CABBY!!

Yes folks, she's now asserting that she's crabby.

Now, Maggie has just collapsed on my bed, and with bemused resignation informs me that "That little heifer just slammed a door in my face."

Who wants to set up the pay-pal account for our bail money? Or hers, depending on the situation?

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I made a couple of new icons, I figured I needed a little southpark guy that looked like me. Will remake them once I figure out how to make a suitable goatee for him.

What should his name be? Reply with a suggestion and I'll make a poll. Come up with at least three names, please. My three are:

  • Schmuley
  • Schmucko
  • Penito