May 21st, 2004

I'm getting frustrated...

I've been working in my spare time (what there is of it) working on my cookbook website. I've gotten 28 pages done, and have just under 70 more to finish. It's taking a long time and I'm getting very fed up with it. Only because I'm becoming impatient and I want it completed so I can launch it and get other web projects done.

Somehow I've hurt my lower back again. It was like this earlier this morning, only I cannot figure out what I did. I also have a wierd crick in my neck that is bothering me as well. All of this is making coding that much more difficult and irritating. I took Motrin 800 for it, but that's not really doing very much.

On the top of all of this, Avery has decided against her doctor's orders and refuses to drink water. Her pediatrician says she doesn't drink enough. Ballistic Princess, on the other hand, thinks that unless it's juice, a juice box, or chocolate milk that it's not drinkable. We've been fighting about this all day. I'll hand it to her though, she's not giving in - but neither am I. She can scream, cry, whine, whatever about wanting some goddamned "Socka Meeowk", but I'll be damned if she's getting any until her entire sippy cup of water is empty. No juice, no nuthin'. Kiss my ass, socka meeowk. NAH! ::folds arms, scowls::

Cole will be home from his last day of school in 40 more minutes, at which time we're going to surprise him and Avery with the kiddie pool I've set up in the backyard for them. It's pretty swank, really.

Feh, I'm done coding this for now.