May 4th, 2004

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Cole's soccer game is this evening at 6PM on the CYSA fields. Look for the "Hulks" team sign behind the goal on the sidewalk side if you want to come and cheer him on.

Avery had a great time at her birthday party last night, she got lots of Wiggles stuff to include her very own Big Red Car. At the moment she's in her new room playing. I take that back, she's behind my chair bitching at me in Whinese, which I don't speak or respond to. ::grrrrrrrrrr::

I got a big shock yesterday about my friend Amber, I have nothing more to add to that statement at this time. Please, no goading or being shady - start any shit in my journal, I'll delete your comment faster than you scowl at me.

Got some other news about a friend in Atlanta that has been given a very serious health diagnosis, which has me quite angry at the entire universe at the moment. All will be fine in time, I completely believe that.

If you want to know why you were unfriended by darth_balls and lolasenvy, take it up with them - don't come to me about it please, it's none of my business and has nothing to do with me. I'm not in it, I'm not going to be in it.

Any and everyone else:
I got my period this morning. I'm less than happy, quite easily irritated, and trying hard to change my attiture and overall mood. Do not come at me with any stupid shit today, the least of all prodding humor, or I promise I'll hurt your feelings and make you sorry for it. Make no bones about it, I'll mean to do it too.

I really wished that a Jehovah's Witness would come knocking at the door right about now...
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Mags to the rescue!

When you feel like a raging bitch on wheels, and your mood is pretty blue, there is nothing like sushi to soothe the savage beast. Today I ate yellowfin tuna, white tuna, salmon, crab, shrimp, spicy scallop. Avery ate the salad and two whole pieces of a California roll, ad some friend rice.

While my mood has improved, I'm still a little... blech... Hopefully I'l be all sorted out by soccer time.