April 22nd, 2004

(no subject)

Abortion?:Pro Choice, but Pro Sexual Responsibility FIRST
Death Penalty?:Not used enough
Prostitution?:Pro Choice
Alcohol?:Legalize it, make it taxable!
Marijuana?:Legalize it, make it taxable!
Other drugs?:Legalize it, make it taxable!
Gay marriage?:Equal rights are NOT special rights
Illegal immigrants?:Due Process
Smoking?:Is a PRIVILEDGE, NOT a right
Drunk driving?:Should be punishable to the fullest extent of the law
Cloning?:Why not
Racism?:Is not only inherently evil, but fucking stupid as all hell
Premarital sex?:Should be a prerequisite to marriage
Religion?:Churches should be taxed, and separation of Church & State should be ENFORCED
The war in Iraq?:Complete bullshit
Bush?:Is a fucking moron with a lot of power, i.e. he's dangerous
Downloading music?:To each his own
The legal drinking age?:Is just fine where it is
Suicide?:Not enough is done to prevent it, and sadly little has.

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK!