March 26th, 2004

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So. Tomorrow morning we’re driving to Rome for my mother’s 70th birthday, which promises to be interesting. Coming back on Sunday, so if you need to get in touch with me I won’t be available until Sunday evening. Today I plan on finishing the work on Paige’s computer, getting packed up for tomorrow, and finishing some household stuff around here. There’s not a lot more going on other than the usual. I’ve become so boring that it’s almost mind numbing!

If you guys haven't seen it yet, there's a really funny cartoon called Tripping The Rift. It airs on the Sci-Fi channel. The first episode, the only one I've seen so far, is called "God Is My Pilot". Memorable quote from the episode:
”They must be out doing something religious, like bombing abortion clinics.”
- Chode

In The News:

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Oh yeah - and by the way, does it seem particularly interesting to anyone else that Condoleeza Rice is now requesting a private meeting with the 9/11 commission, yet STILL refuses to testify under oath? THIS from the Bush administration's National Security Adviser? Were there sufficient strength in her convictions about the administration and its history, shouldn't she be jumping at the chance to testify under oath? In an election year, with her boss lobbying so hard to get reelected, shouldn't she be putting her money where her mouth is? Mark my words, this action alone is going to be another nail in the campaign's coffin and a big wedge between her and the entire cabinet. Here is a transcript of her statements to the press at the White House on Wednesday.

Neo-Nazi music files spark German raids

Majority Of Americans Reject Anti-Gay Constitutional Amendment

Dem Leader Breaks From Kerry & Supports Gay Marriage

Investigation Launched After Teacher Tells Class He's Gay

Court Strikes Down Ban On Gay Dad From 'Exposing' Son To Homosexuality

No Difference Between Gay & Straight Parents Court Told

MLK Widow Condemns Anti-Gay Amendment

Community That Tried To Imprison Gays To Get A Taste Of Rainbow Pride

Governor/Former Pro Wrestler Jesse Ventura Body Slams Gay Marriage Amendment

Gay Holocaust Denier Dumped By GOP

Federal Anti-Gay Amendment Rewritten; Senate Amendment Hearing Shows Little Movement On Same-Sex Marriage
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