March 15th, 2004

We're mad as hell, and we're not going to take it anymore!!

As per my earlier post from the weekend, I have written the following petition for everyone in my neighborhood to sign:

Neighborhood Watch Petition

In accordance with several home owners in the subdivision of Cedar Creek, we, your neighbors, are asking that you sign this petition to show your concurrence with the following statements:

  • As a resident of Cedar Creek, I DO NOT condone reckless driving and/or driving while under the influence of chemical substances by anyone in my neighborhood.

  • My children (and my fellow neighbors’ children) deserve to feel safe playing in their own yard. They should not run in fear of reckless and dangerous drivers in their neighborhood.

  • It is my hope that all of the residents of Cedar Creek feel safe while inside or outside of their own property without fearing harm or receiving threats from other residents of Cedar Creek.

  • I will make a point of immediately reporting to the proper authorities anyone I witness driving too fast, driving erratically, driving dangerously, or otherwise being a public disturbance in this subdivision, and I will do my best to obtain the tag number and description of the vehicle and driver and report the incident to the Columbus Police Department by dialing 911.

It is a shame to have to live in constant fear of the irresponsibility of the people living in this neighborhood, yet that is the reality of many of the residents on Cedar Creek Loop. In order to bring awareness to this issue, we feel that educating our fellow neighbors to our plight is not only proactive but will hopefully be a preventative measure to the very real threat of pending tragedy involving ourselves and our children at the hands of menacing residents.

We are tired of living in fear, and we will not allow that fear to destroy the sense of community and well being we share with our families and yours.

Please sign this petition as a testament to support of this declaration against reckless driving in our neighborhood.

The Cedar Creek Homeowners Association
(my signature and signatures of petitioners here)


Tomorrow, a group of us are going to go around and collect signatures. Once we get the signatures, we being the five other households besides myself, we're going to have it notarized (Maggie is a Notary), officially copied, and then we're all going together as a group to personally deliver it to her and her sorry assed husband. Then, we will tell them that it is really pathetic that it has come to this, but this is what you've made necessary - then without another word or exchange, we're all going home and waiting on one more thing to happen. And when it does, 911 WILL be flooded with calls from us. They already know everytime someone from Cedar Creek calls what we're calling about. Every resident in this neighborhood was given a flyer with her car description and tag number on it earlier this evening, and those of us close by have video cameras charged and ready to film her rampages from now on. Video, along with a statement from neighbors who have actually seen her smoking crack and breaking beer bottles on other neighbors driveways, and a notarized petition decrying this behavior, will be filed with two very close personal friends of ours. One of them is the top prosecuting attorney in this area and the other is the Chief of the Narcotics Division of the local PD.

So yeah. I'm through playing with this bitch. For those of you that don't know my spiteful streak, now you know. Just don't cross me or my family - 'cause if you do, I promise I'll make you sorry for it no matter how long it takes. I have tons of patience and unlike some people I will hold a grudge until I die.
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