March 7th, 2004

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What a beautiful day it is! I slept really well last night, got up early this morning, and am feeling pretty good allergywise. I'm taking my Bootlegra™ and getting some extra vitamin C for the day, and with any luck no one will piss me off. I'm waiting on Damien to give me a call about going over to his parent's house, then we're going back to the apartment and trying to get those images for my next layout. It's going to be based on the movie Se7en, and the look of the layout will be through John Doe's eyes. Matter of fact, I think that I have just decided on naming it John Doe. Yes indeed.

With any luck we can finish that early because I know Damien wants some alone time today, which is fine considering I have stuff I need to do as well. Tonight is a new episode of The L Word, the episode of Soul Food from last week that we missed, and the season premiere of The Sopranos, which I'm VERY excited about. Also, next month is the season premiere of Queer As Folk, and I'm so excited about it that I don't even have the words. Maybe I'll do a QAF calendar layout... Hmmm...

For those of you so inclined, I have new icons to share, use them if you like:

~Lamb of God, Lamb of God~

~Jumpin' Jesus H. Christ On A Pogo Stick, Batman!~

~Giggling Boo~

~Boo Catches A Cheerio~

~End Transmission~

~Dory: Do ya?? Do ya?? Do ya??~
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