March 4th, 2004

Human Rights Campaign Friends Layout

Yeah, yeah, yeah - I know I said I wanted to keep that new layout, but with all that's been going on lately I decided to give it a new facelift. At least my friends view, anyway. Therefore, I present: Human Rights Campaign Friends Layout. I really like this, I think this one is a keeper. Especially considering what it represents to me. So yeah...

I promised Ryan I'd post the links to the websites I was talking about, and so here they are. Check out these sites, they're phenominal:

Not much else going on today, as far as I know. I'm kinda tired, the Ballistic Princess™ woke me up this morning at 5 or so. I have to get my bike out later and tune it up for the ride tomorrow, that's about it. Did I mention that I really love my new friends layout?
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Friends Layout

I made two adjustments to my new friends layout. When you mouseover a link, the HRC equality logo flashes up and chases itself. I also added layout info, just in case anyone was interested. Not that you are, or anything, I'm just putting it out there.