February 3rd, 2004

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News from North Texas Daily
Texas Eckerd's pharmacist refuses to fill prescription for Morning After pill to woman who was raped, protesters organize around store.

News from 365Gay.com:
Bully Law Would Be 'Caving In To Homosexuals' Group Says.

Bush: No New AIDS Money

Gym Cancels Membership After Discovering Woman is Transgendered

Gay Students Win 12 Month Legal Battle With Kentucky School

I made white clam sauce for lunch, it was very garlicky and spicy. Maggie has never had clam sauce before, and she liked it. I woke up with a headache and it's trying to come back. Poor Damien threw his back out and is not doing all that great. We took him some Ibuprofin and hopefully that will give him some relief. That and a nice long nap.

Ugh. Just ugh. With a side order of Feh.

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In other news, I've made a new friend online that I hope to see here on LJ soon, his name is Trae and he seems pretty cool. Oh yeah - I forgot how good Froot Loops are. They still rock balls.

Goddamned sinus headache... ::grumbles::


Is adding someone to my Friends list against the Terms of Service?

We will NOT change this for you. There are no exceptions. It doesn't matter if their username is "offensive"; it doesn't matter how many people they have added "against their will"; it doesn't matter how many people have asked to be removed; this time isn't different/special/an exception; we are not greatest journal; we are not friendster; IT IS NOT A VIOLATION. People. They can see your journal ANY TIME THEY WANT, whether they list you as a "friend" or not.

If you're so sensitive to the issue that you absolutely, positively can't stand to even think someone you don't know/want to/is creepy etc is looking at your journal FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T POST IT ON THE INTERNET. There are dozens of people (maybe *gasp* hundreds!) reading your journal EVERY DAY that you don't know about because IT'S THE INTERNET. Unless, of course, you post only friends only or private entries. DEAL WITH IT.

Besides, I can absolutely guarantee the trolls aren't really reading your journal. They're trying to get a rise out of you AND YOU'RE GIVING IT TO THEM. Here's a clue for you: If you don't give them any reason to notice you (don't comment in an outraged fit, don't have a tizzy in your journal, COMPLETELY IGNORE THEM), not only will the big, bad, creepy, "serial adder", TROLL not even *think* about reading your journal, they'll ignore YOU too. It's simple; they want a reaction. Don't give it to them, and they'll ignore you in favor of the people who DO.