January 26th, 2004

Paranoid much?

I tried to call Maggie on her cellphone about 20 minutes ago, and got nothing but voicemail. Again.

I'm trying very hard not to freak out. In 30 more minutes I'm taking Avery to the library for about an hour or so, then coming straight back here.

Oh yeah - sound sleep would have been nice last night. Alas, it was nightmares and paranoia and maybe 3 hours of sleep.
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I can't take this right now!

I just got a phone call from my dear friend/sister Monique, or Mikki as I call her. Mom Ann, her mother and my surrogate mom, just died. She went in for surgery this morning with swelling on the brain and never woke up. Fraun, the oldest sister, and Monica, Mikki's twin sister, are flying in to Greenville right now. Mikki is leaving in about 2 hours with her daughter Samantha. She said that once they were all together this evening that she would call me and we could all talk.

The day I met her she told me that I was to call her Mom and she would forever consider me one of her own. She never had any boys, so she made me her son.

I am so beyond heartbroken right now.
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At last...

Maggie just called me, they're on their way home and all is well except for the traffic. I feel a lot better now that I know they're safe. I really want to just go to my room and shut the world off. I think I might have to do that when they get here and get unpacked.

Thank you to my friends and family that have called to check up on me, I'm fine right now. Matter of fact, I feel very calm. I'm going to pick Cole up from school once Avery is finished with her snack, then I'll be here for the rest of the evening.

If I have to, I'm taking a sleeping pill tonight. I'm pretty sure I had one left around here somewhere.

All is well

Maggie & Nathan got home a little before 8PM, and they're both fine. Nathan stayed for about an hour, then repacked and hit the road for Tampa, he's helping with some training at an office they're opening there and had to drive down ASAP. He's promised to call when he got there and let us know he was okay.

Donna called me about 10 or so, we talked about Mom Shelton and Mikki, Monica, & Fraun. It's killing us both that we're not there with them, but hopefully we can work something out for the weekend if nothing else. It was good to talk to Donna, I've missed her.

For my part, I still feel anxious and would up. I have got to get some sleep tonight, so I went ahead and took a Klonopin about 15 minutes ago. With any luck, it will knock me right out until at least 7 when I normally wake up.

That is all, time to curl up in bed, read, and wait for sleep to come.
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