January 22nd, 2004

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a defender of Israelites and squasher of Anti-semetics everywhere and his name was...


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They've been billing us for 2 accounts since April of last fucking year. When Maggie called to complain about this and see what could be done, the customer service fuckrag that she had to deal with was not ONLY rude as hell to her, at several points taunting her, but refused to give his extension #, last name (first name was Robert - Robert the Wondercunt) and would not transfer the call to his supervisor. She asked at least 20 times, each time he refused.

She's called the credit card company and they can only dispute up to 2 months ago, so she's going to do that. We're cancelling AOL today and writing seriously scathing letters to the company.

Here's what I need from ALL of my LJ friends:

If anyone knows the most effective way to end service with AOL, let me know what you did. I'm wary of dealing with them over the phone and it cannot be done online.

If anyone knows anyone who works for AOL, or the correct people to contact over their rude ass employees, let me know.

This shit is not over, and I ain't HARDLY bullshitting...
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