January 14th, 2004

What a day...

For starters, I took Avery to Barnes & Noble this morning for Storytime, which was a lot of fun. We had a good time. Came home and helped Maggie saw up the 2 X 4's for the shed floor we were building. The circular saw was fucked and the cord was all cut up, so I completely took it apart and fixed it - then put it back together. Ended up using the jigsaw because the points in the circular saw cracked and I don't think they're getting sufficient current. It made a loud buzzing sound but gave no spin on the blade. Will have to get new points next time we're at Lowe's and try it again some other day. Maggie took 25+ hammer swings to my 3 or 4, but she's getting better. She wants to be Amy Wynn Pastor from Trading Spaces so bad she can't stand it. Anyway, we got the ground leveled, built the frame, and started attatching the plywood for the flooring when the power drill's battery died. Never fear, electric drill with a phillips head bit in the chuk to the rescue!! Bootleg as hell, but it worked. Took a little over 4 hours, start to finish, but we're perfectionists and so it was truly a labor of love. Our lesbian friends have once again declared us honorary dykes. VIVE LE LESBOTYRIANS!! I wore my best flannel shirt to dinner in solidarity of lesbians everywhere. Particularly those who wear flannel shirts.

As a reward, we went to Sushiko and had dinner. I had white tuna and scallop nigiri (the scallop is the best - they chop the scallop into little pieces and mix it with masago(smelt roe) and this spicy sauce and put it in the gunboat seaweed/rice wrap), California roll, Arizona ( yellowtail & crab) roll, lemon salmon roll, and fried rice with the soup and salad. I love their ginger dressing. Serious foodgasm.

Came home and decided to chill for a bit until the coffee craving hit and we made a quick Starbuck's trip. Got coffee for Mags & myself, got a little yum-yum for Damien and a magazine to read later. Now I'm about to head to bed and read a little while, I am locked out of checking my email until tomorrow - so if you've sent me anything, I'll reply ASAP. I pulled a muscle in my chest earlier and it's giving me fits. Could be my bum lung, that's what it feels like. This means I'm not likely to sleep well (or at all) being that I'm going to have to be either on my side or propped up on pillows. For a minute I thought I had torn something, I've had that happen before and coughed up blood for the entire night. No fun, in case you were wondering. More like terrifying and excruciatingly painful actually. I've taken some Ibuprofin, which will take the edge off the pain and help with the swelling, and am in pretty good spirits about the whole thing instead of panicking as that won't help anything and certainly isn't conducive to resting.

In retrospect, I've been quite good lately at fixing stuff around here. I fixed the dishwasher when it was acting up, I installed new fill valves & flappers in the toilets, helped install a ceiling fan, built the cubby bench for and helped Maggie remodel Cole's bedroom, and dug out the water main in the front yard. I haven't had this much fun since installing the electric fence, or as we call it the "Bitch Zapper 5000™". Good times.

I want a beer, but I shall resist and take my tired, infirmed, well sated ass to bed. Sleep tight, all - my love to those that matter.
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Dream House

The HGTV Dream House is incredible. You can take a virtual tour if you want, it's well worth it! It's in St. Marys, Georgia. That's where my Uncle Ed & Aunt Ducky (childhood nickname) live as well as my cousins Gregg & Madonna She's one year older than "her"). It's a five minute boatride to the beach house on Amelia Island and a 45 minute drive to the same. With a few slight modifications, this is my dreamhouse. The location is phenominal!