January 10th, 2004

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Alrighty then. I've been doing a lot of research on the Fuhrer President and the current SS Administration. One of the things I'm most angered about is the state of the military and this war. Part of my family has served in the army and one of our cousins is now enlisted and supposedly being shipped off to Iraq for a year in a few more months. I have had numerous close friends in the army, being that I was raised less than 10 minutes from the largest army training base in the states. So I go digging for information, as is my habit where politics are concerned...

For starters, Bush's 2004 budget plans to cut $1.5 billion in military family housing. This cut affects military housing, barracks, child care centers, schools, hangars, and office buildings. House Democrats offered an amendment to restore $1 billion of these cuts, and the House Republicans voted it down. I know, BIG shock there. Hold on, there's more - a LOT more. You can see a lot of it for yourself in the Independent Budget 2004 and in the Independent Budget Executive Summary, Fiscal Year 2004.

There is a really great editorial published on TomPaine.com called Collapse )

The big controversial ad likening Bush to Hitler that was put out by BushIn30Seconds.org (a site I am completely in love with) has a counterpart on TakeBackTheMedia.com, another excellent site. It's fairly long, but well worth it. Whomever is responsible for it deserves a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. To see it, click here. One of their better site features is the bit called "GOP Hypocrite Of The Week" that has a most excellent banner, shown here:

GOP Hypocrite Of The Week

The above banner is so excellent that I got a chubby from it.

In other news, I had nightmares all night long, some so disturbing that I woke up feeling the urge to cry. I also did quite a bit of thrashing around in my sleep apparently, because my defective lung hurts like a bitch. I suppose I pulled the muscle or at the very least strained it. Oh well, it'll get better as the day goes on.