November 30th, 2003

Taking the Bad With The Good

I am irritated like a motherfucker! The season finalé of Carnivale. Jesus Harold Christ on a flamin' biscuit, this show...

Yeah, it was kind of fucked up for Sofie to do what she did, but at the same time I applaud her for it. So there's that. I'm glad that Ruthie was brought back to life, and really glad that Ben killed that jizzbucket Lodz - I only wish that Lila had bought the farm with him, they're cunts - the both of them. Now I'm all fucked up wondering if Sofie, Appolonia, & Jonesy are going to survive the fire that Appolonia set to the trailer. I kind of figured that she wasn't going to let Sofie go without her, and knowing that Sofie wouldn't take her along she decided to kill the both of them. Now I'm wondering if it all won't turn out to be a dream sequence to kick off season 2.

And what the fuck is up with Justin & Iris? I still cannot figure those two out to save my sack.


The good news is I have the new Sugarland CD "Sugar In The Raw" which is all acoustic renditions of 4 old & 5 new songs. The tracklisting is:

  1. Sugarland
  2. Fly Away
  3. Baby Girl
  4. It's Hello
  5. Something More
  6. Small Town Jericho
  7. Stand Back Up
  8. Tumbleweed
  9. 50 Cent Lovin'

Yes, of course, it rocks balls. Serious ones. Can't wait until springtime and the new album!

Also, Sill have no word from Justin {xtex} about the logos I made for his site - did you ever get and/or look at them? I sent them to your LJ email address. If they aren't what you need that's totally cool, just point me in a direction and I'll get cracking on new ones.