October 24th, 2003

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Strong solar flare may impact Earth today, just in case you have problems with your cell phone or palm pilot thingamjigee, etc. etc...

I've been keeping up on the story of Terri Schiavo, the Florida woman in a persistive vegetative state for the past 13 years as a result of a heart attack who never wanted to be kept alive by artificial means. She has no cerebral cortex, it is just a big hole in her brain filled with spinal fluid. She cannot think, respond, or feel anything. Her husband has been trying to have her taken off life support in accordance with her wishes for the duration of her entire ordeal. The problem is that her family have been insistent that she will recover, and then fucking Jeb Bush had to step in and make it all worse. The story is all over the news this morning. From CNN: Father: Brain-damaged daughter responsive. From Fox News: Husband of Brain-Damaged Woman Says He'll Go to Court Next Week. I'm reading it and it's very sad. These people are in complete denial. Her husband is being put through the ringer because he has a child with a long time girlfriend that he had after Terri's accident and also because he's collected over $1 million in lawsuits as a result of medical malpractice suits - and none of the money has gone to Terri's family.

Okay. Here we go. First of all, I can barely remember what was going on in my life 13 years ago. How can anyone blame this man for needing to get on with his life considering the circumstances? What, he's supposed to pine for the rest of his life with the false hope that she will get better and make a miraculous recovery? He's supposed to be alone because his wife is gone in the real sense of the word? In the most relevant aspect of all this, she's been truly dead for years now - not him. And so fucking what if he's gotten all this money, he fucking lost his WIFE, man! That cannot be replaced! Why is that even being made an issue? This money was the result of court trials that deemed those responsible incompetent and held them accountable with monetary penalties - does that replace, I mean REALLY replace, the loss of a wife, partner, lover, and soulmate?

Which brings about my next poll:

Poll #195887 Do you believe in the right to die?

If you were ever in an accident that rendered you unable to survive unless by artificial means with no hope of recovery, would you want to be kept alive?

If your spouse or partner were ever in an accident that rendered them unable to survive unless by artificial means with no hope of recovery, would you overrule that decision?

Personally, I would not want to be on life support if the doctors concluded I were unable to survive without life support and there were no chance of recovery. I think it is incredibly selfish of people who keep loved ones on life support when it is clearly not what they would have wanted. It does, in effect, go totally against the very nature of the love and trust that person thought they had in you. I have already made arrangements with someone I trust to carry out my wishes in the event that this would happen. Also, any and all of my organs that might be a benefit to someone in need will be donated and my remains cremated and scattered in the Atlantic ocean off of Amelia Island. As a child I always felt safe there and it is still my favorite R&R place on earth.

In happier, considerably more upbeat news, the Marlins beat the Yankees 6-4 and lead the World Series 3-2! I didn't see a lot of last night's game, but I'm going to make up for it this evening. I understand Brad Penny kicked much ass last night, totally turning around his slump. I'm predicting Pavano and Cabrera to kick ass tonight - Jihad on Jeter - that's all I'm saying.

The Supreme Court Asshole is at it again: Scalia Blasts High Court's Legalization of Gay Sex... In other THIS IS BULLSHIT!! news:

Committee Approves Gen Clark

Cracks Appear In Catholic Marriage Armor

Homosexuality Must Be Curbed: Congressman

And, for those interested, I slept TOO good last night. Oh yeah.