September 4th, 2003

And in the news...

Anti-abortion killer executed in Florida; “I expect a great reward in heaven,” he said in an interview Tuesday, during which he was cheerful, often smiling. “I am looking forward to glory.”

What a fucking dink. I mean really. I'll kill you and God will reward me for killing you because I stopped you from... killing? Fuck off, just FUCK OFF!! And a great big fuck off to The Army Of God for glorifying this asshole and making a tribute site in his honor (like he had any) and for the other bullshit on that site.

Again, to all of you Pro-Life women: If you would never have an abortion, that's great - you made a choice and I respect that. It's your body, you do what you want. That is the entire point of the Pro-Choice movement. To all you Pro-Life men: The next time YOU get cramps, I will personally buy you the Midol. Go piss up a rope, you stupid fucktards, the lot of you. Being male and Pro-Life automatically makes you an idiot. To heterosexuals everywhere: If you would use effective birth control every time you screwed, abortion would usually only be an issue in extreme cases. It is your responsibility to protect yourself and your own body, ladies. Don't expect that he's thinking about responsibility, a stiff one has no conscience.

There is an article on Fox News about "Christian Feminism" that is worth the read, but leaves you thinking that it is an absurd notion altogether - which clearly it is. Christianity is inherently sexist, I have found sexist assertions throughout both old and new testaments. The idea that you could assert your feminine power and maintain it was in the name of being a Christian is ludicrous. Then they bring up Margaret Sanger and link her (yet again) to the utter bullshit about her being a racist and that was the whole reason why she worked so hard for reproductive freedom. You can be a Christian and you can be a feminist, but you cannot be both at the same time without being a walking, hypocritical contradiction. Oddly enough, those ideals are all about personal choice as well. Go figure.

I feel tons better today, I slept REALLY good last night, the antibiotics are finally kicking in and I'm in better spirits as well. Who know all it would take is amoxicillin and the execution of a tard to do the trick!

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Me: These grapes rock - they're totally addictive.

Maggie: Yeah, but you never hear about Grapewhores. No one sells their children for grapes.

Damien: Well, not in America..."