August 27th, 2003

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I had the best time last night talking to my sister/old roommate/dear friend Monique, who heretofore shall be referred to as Mikki. That's what she told me her name was the night I met her, and that's what she'll always be to me.

A lot of the details of the conversation were personal anecdotes from our youth, playing catch up and whatnot. I remembered a lot of things I hadn't necessarily forgotten, just put away in my mind for a time. It was great revisiting those memories. We talked about Monica, who I'm told is really getting it together and that makes me immensely happy. I'd give anything to just hold them right now, and not let go - not ever.

She sent me pictures of her daughter Samantha, who looks just like her and is absolutely fucking gorgeous - I was floored. She sent me pictures of her new boy "Josh", who apparently is a corn-fed Indiana guy and they are very happy.

I'm going to email her the pictures I have scanned of us from when we were younger, and then get busy on house stuff that is being neglected...

Ryan & Renea, I want a FULL report on Ozzfest!!

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Found out a while ago from a friend in NYC that Sugarland have been signed to a record label, but I have no other news to report at this time. I'm very happy for them, they really deserve this opportunity.