August 18th, 2003

Time for an honest-to-Dog update...

I really cannot remember when I 've sat down to write an actual update! This is wierd...

For starters, I feel very accomplished about the past week in general, especially this past weekend. I finished the entire magazine's website in two days, in as much as I can finish until I get the other info from the rest of the staff to upload. If you'd like to see what I have so far, the link is: Slant Magazine ...because thinking matters.

We had a change in staff yesterday, and out of it summoned the ever lovable and intelligent (to say nothing of dedicated and committed to the project) pacwastaken, who will be on staff as a Columnist/Staff Writer. I have to change the URL link on the slant_magazine userinfo page, since we're about to launch the site. The URL for it is, but for now it is just a splash page.

Been busy here and there with many different things going on, most of which it would take too long to list and detail as I would like and I really just don't have that kind of time to burn. There's a buttload of laundry to finish, dishes that have to be put away, and a toddler to keep up with in addition to it all. There's more, but I'm quite scatterbrained today.

Take care all, and be well!
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