August 17th, 2003

Damn, I wish I had a cold Bass Ale right about now...

Been working all day long on the website, have more than half of it done. That's good too, because it gets launched next week sometime and I want it all done before then. All staff members please check slant_magazine for my latest post, I really need that stuff as soon as you can get it to me.

For the time being, you can view my HTML wares at - just bear in mind that this is just a dummy site, it isn't located at the URL I just gave. That URL will be live next week, but for now this is being hosted by Jude Bennett ][ D i g i t a l D e s i g n and Much love and gratitude to thedigitalghost, who helps make most of the good stuff happen or is at least there with me when it does.

Some of the links aren't active yet, I'm still working on them. I know a lot of the settings need to be tweaked, I'm working on that too. All that having been said, what do you think?
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    Last Goodbye (Live From The Bataclan, Paris) - Jeff Buckley