August 4th, 2003

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jmat replied to my earlier post with a bit of good news (of sorts) that inspired this post. He said: "But... you've missed one of the better news stories of the day: Gay Episcopal priest wins key vote for bishop post. It hasn't been as huge of a news event in the media because it's not spewing hate. So.. it's not all bad."

I replied to him: "This is true, but in the mind of a foaming-at-the-mouth Atheist I think it makes about as much sense as fucking for chastity. While I do think it speaks very highly of this man's standing in his community and felt understanding his parishoners have of love and selecting the best person for the job, that is what is SUPPOSED to happen - so I can hardly get excited about it, you know what I mean? You're SUPPOSED to do your job well, you're SUPPOSED to take care of your family, you're SUPPOSED to make good choices. I don't give people a gracious slap on the back for doing what is at the very least expected of them. I realize I'm being very harsh, but as you will learn if you know me long enough I'm a harsh person and I'm operating on a lot of bile at the moment."

I finished my reply, got up from the computer and was walking out of the office thinking about all of this stuff - apparently with a look of utter disgust on my face when Maggie stops me in the kitchen and asks "Uh oh, what's bugging you?" I explained that I had just posted about the Pope, Dubya, Pat Robertson, and the current situation and gave her the Cliffs notes version of what I wrote. She told me that she agreed with me wholeheartedly, that we were on the same page with one another. The problem, she stated, is that people aren't inclined anymore to do the right thing for the sake of it, for nothing more than the satisfaction of having done the right thing. After thinking about it for a second or two, I replied "There's all this talk about how obese we are as a society. Hard to imagine why that is when most people have to be offered a dozen goddamned cookies as incentive to fucking DO anything or get anything accomplished, the fucking heifers!" She grinned and gave me that I just love you, you know that? look.
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You are Midtown
You are Midtown. You are the coolest of the cool.
You are old enough to have your own job, but
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What part of Atlanta should you live in?
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Bah! I could live in Midtown, I guess. I'd rather live in Candler Park, Inman Park/Reynoldstown, or Decatur. And I have to admit - while I do miss Virginia Highlands, I don't much miss living in Buckhead. Cool quiz, all the same!

Ted Allen
You are so a TED Allen: The Food and Wine
Connoisseur, Go work in that kitchen, boo ya!

What Fab 5 member from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy are you?(with pics)
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That RULES!! He's awesome!