July 31st, 2003

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Got a lot done today, considering housework and posting tutorials in how_2_photoshop. Got Avery's 1 year old pictures taken at Olan Mills, then went to pick Cole up a few things he needed. Went to lunch at Cici's Pizza where I gorged myself on salad and garlic & spinach pizza. We took the Ballistic Princess by My Gym to see about getting her enrolled in classes and playtimes. I saw a guy there that looked familiar to me, and told the girl we were talking to that he looked a lot like my friend Bill Elwood. She said "That IS Bill Elwood!" He saw me and came over to say hello, all smiles and happy like he always is. I know Bill & his family from my Springer days, they're great people. Turns out he and his wife Deni have moved to Pensacola where they have built a house after he retired, she's still doing the consultant thing. (She used to be a VP at Blue Cross Blue Shield.) Their son Chris is now an actor in LA and was Heather Locklear's latest love interest on Spin City. Their daughter Heather is now all grown and married with a 2 year old daughter, and she's the owner of the My Gym franchise here in Columbus. We were looking at each other like ""Holy SHIT! You're a lot different than I remember!"

It's true, I know people everywhere I go.
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