July 30th, 2003

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I've been busy as hell today working on graphics and gearing up for my newest community, which will be a shared journal of tips, how-to's, and tutorials for Photoshop users. I have gotten numerous emails about my website asking how I do a lot of the things I do, and a good 40% of the emails come from LJ users so I thought it would be a good idea. I'm doing this in conjunction with clubgirl4u and djrl as contributors and fellow moderators. I sent them my graphics for their approval, will move forward on this community as soon as I have more things in place. I already have close to 50 tutorials to post, and they will all be indexed through the memories page of the journal. This way users can find what they are looking for more easily and we can manage everything by category and subcategory. Although posting access will be limited to moderators and contributors, anyone can comment to journal posts and we will answer them that way.

I'm beat, I'm about to head off to bed in just a minute. Y'all have a good nght and sleep well, will post more tomorrow!

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Our how_2_photoshop community is up and running, and we will begin posting as soon as I have the tutorials tested. Bear in mind that this community is not open for membership to anyone that doesn't get an invitation, so if you wish to contribute tutorials, tips, and how to use different tools then reply to this post and I'll see what I can do for you. Moderator/Contributing writer access will not be granted for beginning Photoshop users, as this community will be only for viewing by the general public and more experienced users are really the only ones capable of writing these tutorials. Whenever possible, we will post images that correspond with the different steps listed in each tutorial. This way we can keep tabs on all content and it will run more smoothly. I'm pretty absentminded today, so fellow community members/Moderators/Contributors please email me if I forget to send you passwords or anything else.

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I made a kick ass down home country dinner and it rocked balls. A bunch of turnip greens, a mess of blackeyed peas, a cut up Vidalia onion, the best tomato I have had all summer long, and my cast iron skillet cornbread that Cole claimed was "...the bestest cornbread in the whole planet Earth!" Man, it was so good I even took a picture of my plate, no foolin'!

I have about 5 or so tutorials posted in how_2_photoshop, more to come as I get the time. Speaking of, those bitches are time consuming to post! Thank Dog I have Semagic to update with, it makes it a lot easier. It's a lot of fun for me, though. I feel a responsibility to share what I've learned with others, I think it's only fair.

Still waiting to hear from ilubmoney & kibbles to find out if they are going to join and contribute, I hope they can! I have 5 more spaces open for anyone interested in making &/or posting tutorials and such. All in all, I feel very accomplished from the work I've gotten done so far.

I'm tired, I'm about to finish linking the userinfo list to the appropriate memories page and call it a day. Y'all be good until I see you next, then raise all kinds of hell. You know how WE do it...