July 27th, 2003

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I finished tweaking all of the settings on my Tribal Red Tattoo Friend's Journal Layout earlier. I changed the banner at the head to a different color scheme and font and finished adding the links to the right sidebar. There are a ton of links on there, I made it easier for me to navigate from that one page. I really like the way this one looks. I have NO idea what inspired it, I was in a mood at the time. I like white text on a black background, and red seemed the obvious choice, so...

Went window shopping with Damien yesterday, we went to several of my favorite stores and browsed at different things. Circuit City made me pine for the opening of Best Buy, which I sincerely hope crushes them as I really don't like Circuit City. Last night we watched Just Married, which was cute but not all that interesting or anything. I look forward to the next film that really moves me, and provokes some thought or emotion instead of all this second rate crap that passes for film lately. The last two movies that stimulated something in me were both Pixar movies, and it's not that this is a bad thing at all, I just want to see something meaningful that shows humanity in it's most flawed and beautiful outrageousness like The Color Purple and Fried Green Tomatoes did.

All art is useless until it meets the correct senses. I'm looking forward to the new A Perfect Circle album, I just hope it doesn't disappoint me. I have waited for a long time on it, and I'm not expecting Mer De Noms II, just something not too drastically different. I have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm leaving this paragraph on its own.

I need to shower and fire up Photoshop, I need to make some new brush sets and get to work on Damien's layout design. I'm going to make him some graphics and buttons and such, and I have GOT to learn Image Ready. I try to make animated gifs and rollover buttons, and I sit there in front of the screen like a dumb shit with my finger in my nose going "DUH!! DUUUUH!!!" I like how you can jump from Photoshop to Image Ready, I just have to learn the program is all.

Also, I have decided that from now on I will only use the Semagic LJ client to update, as I never have the problem of making an entry and then losing it if the LJ server is jacking off and not paying attention. That is absolutely infuriating! Plus, it has all these kick ass features and hot keys/buttons that let you insert HTML tags like bold, italics, underline, insert link, insert image, lj-cut, lj user, etc. etc... If you haven't downloaded it already, do yourself a favor and do so now by clicking here:

Download the Semagic Livejournal Client NOW!!

Choose your operating system (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac, etc...) and save to disk. Once you get it installed and have opened the program, hit the F1 key to bring up the help list of features. It is very easy to learn, makes updating a lot faster and safer, and you can save drafted posts BEFORE posting them and not lose any content. Whomever created this client gets a one knee award in my book!

Alright, I'm waiting on the family to head out and then I'm going to drag a razor across my face, step into the defunking/degrubbifying chamber and scrub the past 24 hours off. Then I'm going to make a cup of tea, grab an English muffin, and start working on some schtuff for Damien. I've shamefully put off his LJ layout for too damned long already. Hasta la taco, everyone, have a great day and do something productive!

Cool site of the day for LJ layout designers:
Free Layouts and Templates!
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BMW has done it again, they have a new flash movie of the new 645 Ci coupe, to see it click here. It absolutely looks like a shark, you can tell it has elements of both the current 7 Series and the Z4 together in a slightly shorter wheelbase than the 745i. For prototype images, click here and here. Three 6-speed transmission options to choose from, and you get the benefits of iDrive for the navigation system. There will also be a Cabrio edition as well. It's a sweet car, no question about that!

BMW Individual is the newest way to customize the 7 series in the more refined senses, exclusive details that cannot be obtained otherwise in any currently offered optional packages. Some of the options include BMW Individual illuminated rocker panels in the door sills, a humidor in the console, a cooler in the rear center armrest, satin chrome on all exterior detailing, twin DVD systems in the back of the front passenger headrests - manipulated by the secondary iDrive controller in the rear center armrest, exclusive colors for interior and exterior, exclusive series trims, fabrics, and leathers and tons more. For the full list of details, click here and select "Skip intro".