July 20th, 2003

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I think the band shoot went pretty well, except for the last few shots where the light didn't exactly cooperate with me - but there's always another time for the other pictures I want. I had several interesting experiences in the process of learning/photographing these guys, not the least of which was being flashed by photol, but that is really neither here nor there is it now. I accomplished what I set out to do, and am satisfied that the images I have will later represent some fairly decent work. They seemed really excited and impressed with the composites, and I showed them the logos I'd designed. Later on after I've finished my coffee and had a shower, I'll get started on my editing.

Maggie is about to leave the house, she has to drive up to Charleston for her court hearing in the morning. I really hope she wins this one, we've been going over the lady's medical records and Maggie has talked to her several times on the phone about her case. This whole case got shot down a really short pipe in order for it to be Maggie's, and she's very nervous about the hearing. Actually, "terrified" was her exact word. She wants so desperately to save each and every one of her clients and win benefits for them, but I'm trying to help her accept that it isn't her decision, it is a judge's decision and she has to accept that sometimes they will not rule in her client's favor. This being her first solo hearing, she wants to prove to herself that she can do this and she also needs her percentage. Everything in it's own time, I always say. I just want her to get it over with and get there and back home safely. I really want her to win, but even if she doesn't I want her to still feel undefeated. I spent the better part of the last week prepping her for this hearing and going over records with her, and trying to drill into her head that she's going to have to accept a no-win case once in a while and still be undefeated in that event.

I slept pretty decent for the first night in aweek almost, and was able to breathe without waking up and having to sit up in order for it to be easier. Sleeping propped at an angle to breathe is quite uncomfortable, especially since I normally sleep on my side or flat on my back.

Cole and Avery are at Grandmommy's today until the later afternoon, Nathan is working on finishing the backyard fence (has it been a year already? ::shakes head in disgust::) and I'll be here sitting in front of this thing or getting the house cleaned.

Oh - almost forgot. The office is finally set up completely, the new desk and cabinets were put in here last night. Now we have desk space going around half of the room, and all that's left to do is get the new wall put up to close this office off from the rest of the house. Then it will finally be finished completely.

I normally have a playlist going when I'm at the computer, so instead of current music being limited to one single song, the current playlist is:

  • Thinking Of You - A Perfect Circle
  • 32 Flavors (Live) - Ani Difranco
  • Mercy Street - Peter Gabriel
  • Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead
  • Boys Of Summer - The Ataris
  • You Could Make A Killing - Aimee Mann
  • Waiting Room - Fugazi
  • Silverchair - Israel's Son
  • Baby Girl - Sugarland
  • Temple Of The Dog - Say Hello To Heaven
  • Tool - Opiate
  • I Wish You Were Here - Incubus
  • The Replacements - Asking Me Lies
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I posted a poll response to AOL's message board feature about Pat Robertson and his "Supreme Court Justice Removal" prayer initiative. To read the thread if you are an AOL user, click here. It reads:

"This entire issue is a result of Pat Robertson's insane need for publicity to fatten his already substantial pockets. This guy, as are all televangelists, greedy, moneygrubbing attention whores who know NOTHING of freedom or the God they claim to serve. All they really know how to do is rob people blind on their television shows and bark in insincere, baseless assertions about how people should live their lives. What a crock!

As both a gay man and an atheist, I support anyone's right to live as they see fit, provided they are not hurting anyone else in the process but gay rights are HUMAN rights, people - not special privileges. Pat Robertson and his lackeys are about as credible as my dog's drool.

Ask yourself this - if there really is an all powerful God, and he really speaks to these fundamentalist whack jobs, why would he use such crap PR as PAT FREAKIN' ROBERTSON to do his bidding? If you think that God uses televangelists (or anyone, for that matter) to speak for him, then you're completely insane. Only in America would we breed such blatant stupidity!

I've been getting some fairly mixed responses, everything from "Rockon, man!" to "YEW R A SINNER AND WILL DIE FRUM AIDS AND BURN IN HELL FOR ALL TIME" - but the most suprising thing is that most of the replies are in agreeance with me. That's rather shocking, don't you think?

When will the reign of Christian terror end? I hope that it will be in my lifetime!

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Email from Christian terrorists and my responses...

(all tards are designated by italics, my responses are in bold)

  • From JleeCA@aol.com:


    Fuck off ye sad, SAD waste of flesh. Oh yeah - please don't breed. Or breathe for that matter. Thank you.

  • From KARRIEPAT@aol.com:

    Well, well well, look at the whole world getting soo uppity about someone talking about god and holding people ACCOUNTABLE for their actions. Americans seem to have alot of problems with being accountable for their actions nowadays!!! We sure want to do alot of what we want without regard for the repercussions!!
    Get a clue, the whole lot of you! Read your bibles especially Exodus (chapter 20), Leviticus, and Deuteronomy! They give explicit instructions on how people should live their lives according to GOD!

    There IS no God, I don't believe in any such nonsense.

    If we just did that we wouldn't even need the Supreme Court justices to make us accountable for our actions! As it is, these justices think they can make these horrible rulings and there won't be repercussions to our nation. AMERICA was founded on the christian beliefs in the bible, and if we don't start upholding the laws that GOD gave us AMERICA might not be the same AMERICA we are used to living in and soo love!

    What a huge crock of lies! America was founded by murderous, thieving English expatriates to ESCAPE religious persecution, you moron...

    Making things that are an abomination to god the right way to live, in america, is just asking for trouble. Gotta be real here, I kind of feel like I'm part of a sinking ship and no way to change it. I believe in the laws GOD gave us and I hold them dear and have a hard time believing the rest of AMERICA doesn't see it the same way!!
    Pat Robertson has every right as a christian and an american to pray to our god for the removal of these justices, and kudos to him for it! I applaud him and support him! Everyone is always so fired up and ready to take a stand when someone has been wronged, well got news for you... GOD is the party that has been wronged. These justices have made a mockery of gods law and the founding fathers' principles! Shame on them for that, especially when they swear an oath to uphold law? Who are they swearing an oath to, since they obviously don't believe in the god the rest of us do?!!! What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not everyone believes in your God, and we're just as American as you are. Christian elitism and the Christian penchant for religious superiority are just two of the reasons I am Antichristian.

    My hat's off to Pat Robertson, thank GOD there is someone that is in the television and radio industry with the guts to stand up for god and for basic and decent morals given to us by the bible!! Too bad the rest of you spend your time balking at what he's saying instead of cracking open your bibles and giving it a good read!!! Might give some insight for a future time!! Ta ta for now!!!

    No sweetie - you stopped saying anything before you even began talking to me. Mediocre try for such a miserable failure.

  • From jhawn117@aol.com:

    Homosexuality is stupidity, buddy. It's wrong to steal, murder, lie, and cheat. These sins are JUST as wrong as your sin. It is not my place to judge you, but what I can say is, you are a fornicator, and God will have the last word. You will see that these "Bible thumpers" are telling the truth, one way or the other. Whether it be today, or tomorrow, you will see.

    I'll see no such thing as your God's judgement. While God might be a valid choice for you, I view faith in this nonsense as the real sickness. Your sin does not apply to me, it never has and never will. See, we live in a country where both of us are free to have our ideas and morals and coexist with one another. You don't have to like that fact, but you have no choice but to accept it. I'm going to live as I choose, and my choice is just as valid as yours. The difference is that I support your right to believe whatever you want - however strongly I might disagree - because that's your life and you must be responsible for yourself. You aren't my problem to worry about, so I could care less how you live. Standards of morality vary greatly, but I don't impose my morality on anyone else unlike these lovely Christian fundamentalist idiots.

    All this having been said, I wish you well and hope that life treats you kindly. Take care.


This is getting to be kind of fun! The sad thing is that these assholes really bother and upset my sincere Christian friends, and I love my Christian friends. Don't let them bother you, folks - they are not made of the same stuff you are made of, and they are all complete idiots.

Don't sweat the small sheep! ::stern look::