July 13th, 2003

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We're back from Atlanta. We had a really good time and it was great to see and spend time with family and friends for two days. We went to this really cool farmer's market in Duluth called Harry's that was awesome. We got lots of fruit and veggies and cheese and the like, and two different kinds of chocolate. My favorite chocolate in the world is Valrhona, and we got a bar of the 56% cocoa and two bars of Endangered Species Chocolate. I got the Tiger bar, Damien got the Dolphin bar. On the way home this morning, we stopped in Union City at the Church Of BMW, and what's sitting dead center on the showroom floor? That's right kiddies, a 760Li... There were several 745's on the backlot, there was a gorgeous black-on-black one with tinted windows and 19" star spoke 95 rims that gave me wood. I'm a big fan of the Toledo Blue with the star spokes, but this was really incredible looking. They did have a couple of black-on-black M5's on the lot, both loaded to the grilles. They also had a V8 Alpina roadster, which was very good looking but just not my thing. I'm still waiting to see a 760Li Yachtline. If you're interested in THAT monster, click here and here.

I had a really good time this weekend, but I'm glad to be home.
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