July 6th, 2003

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This upcoming weekend I'm going with Damien and the family to Atlanta for a family cookout at Sally & Neal's house. I really enjoyed being there with them last year, it was a lot of fun and they are such fantastic people. The weekend after that I'm photographing Nexus, photol's band and showing them the graphics I have come up with so far. What I REALLY want to do is plan a hike at Providence Canyon for the weekend after that, which I think is the last weekend in July - but I could be wrong. Unless I'm looking at a calendar, I have no idea.

What I'm thinking is to get a bunch of people and caravan down to the canyon and have a picnic after we finish the hike like we did last year. I love that place and it always surprises me how many of my friends have never been there before.

I'm still trying to decide on a good location for the Nexus shoot, I think that the best place will be downtown. I could get some really good shots at Heritage park, the promenade, and a few other places here and there. The tracks beside the Iron Works, beneath the train trustle, underneath the Dillingham bridge, the old stable in the Rankin courtyard, you know - just to name a few. I'm hoping for overcast skies, as they give the digital camera the best lighting effect and more depth and texture. We'll see.
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