June 17th, 2003

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As for this current "situation" between friends and others, Ya'll have at it. He is a grown man and he can make his own choices. I'll stand over here on the sidelines. I will say this, though - anyone who steps to Renea like that is begging for verbal homicide. She's decimated far better people in monosyllabic one liners, and with everything built up behind THIS one, G'LAWD HAVE MUSSY!! The fact remains, though - until he goes to Starbucks himself and waits outside to fess up to everything and defend what he thinks is his, I have no respect. As far as Cheryl goes, she doesn't interfere with the lives of any of you guys anymore, I wished you all could make her a non-issue. That's just me, though. You all are free to think/say/feel/do wahtever you want, I'm not judging or trying to influence you, just stating my opinion, so don't come at me with any stuff, aiight?

::fluffs weave::
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