June 12th, 2003

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Maggie just called me from work bawling her eyes out. Our friend Shannon has lost her baby. They went in to their OB/GYN this morning for a checkup and couldn't find the baby's heartbeat. She was sent to the hospital and they told her that the baby stopped growing at approximately 9 weeks, she was 12 as of today.

They are making her wait until tomorrow morning for the DNC, which I think is absolutely awful.

She and Mac wanted this baby so badly. I feel like complete shit.
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Maggie and I just went to Starbuck's for coffee and before we turned into the parking lot there was a minivan in front of us with a bumpersticker that read "Truth, not tolerance". What kind of bullshit is THAT? We were kind of hoping she was going to Barnes & Noble so we could ask her exactly what it meant, but to no avail. I typed that into my search engine and This popped up. I tell you, these Christbots are scary as hell, and they're fucking taking over. I have many friends who are Christians, and even they think Christers are whacked out of their skulls.

Merry Koreshmas.

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