June 11th, 2003

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I've been interviewed by bghsmith, here is the transcript:

First off, what exactly is your relationship with Avery and Cole? I so enjoy reading about your adventures with them that I can’t wait for Bryan to get a little bigger. But then again…

Cole's father was my best friend Shane, who died suddenly on June 30th of 2000. His mother is my best friend/roomate Maggie. Avery is her daughter from her second marriage. They consider me their Uncle, and I love them as if they were my own.

How did you get into designing all this web stuff? Is it just a hobby that went crazy or your profession?

My other half, Damien, is a geek from way back. He pointed me towards HTML, and I've been working on it ever since. We do contract web design, he codes and my main emphasis/contribution is graphics and/or images. More of a hobby than a profession, really.

Don’t I remember something about you doing some DJ work? What happened there?

Basically I quit before they fired me, while it was still my choice. I can handle most anything except for having my choices taken out ot the equation. People can pretend that bullshit is really something else, but sooner or later you have to admit to yourself that it was bullshit all along.

What is it you see in yourself that gives you the most pride? (I for one wish I could exercise regularly, but this isn’t about me.)

I am most proud when I feel accomplished, having done something that has mattered or made a difference for myself or someone else. When Maggie comes home to a clean house with all of the laundry done and folded and dinner on the table, I feel proud that I made that happen. When I finish a 10+ mile bike ride, I feel proud that I'm taking care of my body. When Cole and Avery come to me for a hug or tell me they love me for no reason, I feel proud that I'm doing something right.

So, when are we going to see you attached? The world doesn’t revolve around the kids ya know.

I am in an exclusive relationship with Damien, and I'm comfortable for the most part with the status of it. Time brings many changes and strengthens many foundations, but only with the passage of time do you really know where you're going.

Who wants me to interview them?