May 26th, 2003

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First thing's first... I know this is belated, but better late than never, so:


There, I feel better.

I've been spending a few days alone mostly, as the 'mates have all been away and I've been taking a break from my reality of the day in day out thing - which has been blissful for the most part. The only real downers were the chest pains I got yesterday in my right lung (the good one) that came out of nowhere. My surgeon said sooner or later it might start behaving badly from scar tissue, I guess it just wanted me to take notice. That an the awful evil, horrible dream I had this afternoon while napping on the couch that made me so upset I cried from 20 minutes after waking up and another 5 minutes explaining it to Maggie this evening. I started getting teary before I even explained it to her. Oh well.

I've added several things to my web page, so if you are so inclined then by all means take a peek. I'm also in the process of redesigning the layout of the entire site, complete with three brand new pages and some downloadable freebies (fonts, PhotoShop brushes, etc.) and other fun stuff related to Judeism... ::snicker::

I've hit the proverbial PS7 snag, and am getting nowhere fast with one particular feature, so I emailed the guy who wrote the book I'm reading and asked for help. Hopefully he'll have answers for me soon or I'll just sort it out myself. All in all, I'm happy with the things I have made - just have to get it all in order and uploaded. I'm not looking foreward to the frustration of the HTML roadblocks I hit now and then when coding these pages, but I suppose you never learn anything worthwhile easily. Or is it that you're supposed to be easy while being worth learning... fuck, now I'm all crosseyed...

Good night, folks - the sandman is here to make me sleep.
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