May 12th, 2003

This was one long assed weekend, man!

Before I get busy with housecleaning, I decided to take advantage of the time I have since the baby is down for her first nap.

Friday night, Maggie & I drove down to Buena Vista for the rehearsal dinner for my dear friends James & Amy's wedding. It was great, the rehearsal went off with no complications. Dinner was at a bed and breakfast across the street from the church, and was very cozy and intimate. The food was pretty good also. Before dessert was served, we had a champagne toast and they went ahead and read their vows to one another. They decided that it was going to be hard enough to read them in front of the family and people in the wedding party, let alone in front of an entire congregation. I had written their vows for them, you can read them here: Collapse )

After the rehearsal dinner, we came home and that was the night all of the bridesmaids spent the night here. We didn't get to sleep until close to 3AM. Maggie slept with me in my room and didn't move the whole night.

Saturday morning, we all had breakfast and everyone took turns getting showers and racing to get their hair and makeup done. They all headed down to Buena Vista early to get dressed and ready for pictures. Damien and I left closer to 1:30 and got there around 45 minutes later to help out. I helped everyone get dressed and fought several times with Amy's shoes. They were beaded and kept getting tangled up in the crinoline of her dress. I helped Cole get into his tux, he looked SO SWANK! Once all of the pictures were taken, we sat around waiting on the service to begin. Amy looked absolutely beautiful, and told me several times how much she loved me and how much it meant to her that Damien and I were there with her and that I wrote their vows. It made me feel very elated to be a part of it all, it made me feel closer than family.

The wedding began as scheduled, right as the bridal party was heading to the front doors of the church Maggie started singing "Going to the chapel and we're gonna get ma-a-a-rried!" and all of the bridesmaids began singing harmony. It made Amy laugh and calmed her nerves. The ceremony was very tasteful and sweet, and wasn't too long. After they gave each other the pronouncements, they had Sydney (Amy's daughter, who was flower girl) come stand in between them and James gave her a necklace with a diamond heart pendant. He told her that she was a big part of this day, and that he loved her very much and would always be there for her and do his best to be a good daddy. Afterward we all drove out to James' parent's house. They have quite a it of land out there. His father is the only doctor in town, so everyone calls himn "Doc". I've never heard him referred to as "Mr. Hagler", come to think of it!

The reception was great, they set up these huge tents over their tennis courts and had tables set up everywhere. There was a huge buffet table set up on one end and there was a DJ on the other. I spent a good part of my time tehre talking to and playing catch-up with my friends Ricky & Tasca, which made me very happy. I hadn't seen them in ages and I think the world of them both. There was lots of dancing and a few people even sang karaoke - but luckily we left before that madness ensued. Damien and I came back home and after settling down to watch a movie, decided we couldn't stay awake and longer and went to bed. I slept until almost 9:30 yesterday morning, I'd lost sleep all weekend and I suppose my body decided it was time to catch up on it.

Yesterday Damien and I went to his parent's house for Mother's Day, we had dinner with the family and watched old home movies which amused me no end. It made me nostalgic and mournful of my own grandparents, and sad that I never got the chance to meet his Paw Paw. Quite an amazing man he was from all of the stories I hear. His Grandmother on the other hand, Mee Maw, I love to bits! She's just as precious as can be, and just as sassy as they come. I danced with her friend Eleanor at Andrea's wedding, and we laughed and joked te entire time.

I cannot wait until later this summer when I can see Sally & Neal and their kids again, and I'm looking foreward to this Six Flags trip we're planning. Hopefully it won't be so hot this summer, but if it is I still cannot wait to go.
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