May 5th, 2003

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Reason 2,759,243 why I love me some Renea:

She bought me the Tool Box (Salival) while we were at Barnes & Noble yesterday. I mentioned that I wanted to get it, and when we got to the car she handed it to me. Again sweetie, thank you SO much for that, I've been listening to it all morning! That and Mer De Noms. I think I have fallen in love with Maynard all over again. Of course, when Lollapalooza comes to Atlanta this year A Perfect Circle won't be on the bill - Queens Of The Stoneage will be playing at that show. GRRRRRR... I'd give my leftie to see APC live, I'm not kidding. Especially now that Twiggy Ramirez is filling in on bass for Paz Lenchantin. Yep.
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::rants at blind intersection:: DEY NEBBA GIB YOU A CHAAAAAANCE!!!!!!

I feel like poo. Four sacks of poo, actually. With a side of smashed assholes. Indeed.

There is no one in the house but me. This never happens. As a result, I'm finding it eerily quiet and very difficult to relax. Maggie and Nathan have the day off, and have taken Avery to her doctor's appointment. She had her one year old check up today, no worries.

I love this music, though it is quite beautiful it is also very sad. Thomas Newman is a genius, he can score a movie like it is no one's business. He and James Newton Howard are my favorites for film scores.

Speaking of music, while we were in B&N yesterday I found a boxed set of Maria Callas that I picked up to look at, it has all of the Puccini arias that she did and something else that kind of excited me. I never knew she performed Leo Delibes' Lakmé! That is my absolute favorite. It is about an Indian princess named Lakmé who takes her slave girl Malika as a lover. In a magical garden they would glide over water to it's source.

I almost forgot, Renea also gave me one of the most amazing things I have ever been given in my life. She gave me Nina Simone's album "I Put A Spell On You" - the actual album... on fucking vinyl!</i> ::fans self:: I adore Nina Simone, in the same exact way that I adore Billie Holiday. Neither of them had extraordinary voices, it is what they DID with them that made them extraordinary.

There isn't much going on today, I'll be adding new artwork to my site later and wil lpost when it is done. I finished both layouts on my journal and my friends pages finally, so they look just as I wanted them to look. I might finish a couple of projects that are waiting on me to run some filters and color tweaks and post those as well, depending on whether or not the muse comes back. I need to put her in a bottle and seal it is what I need to do.
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