April 24th, 2003

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We're having a dinner party tomorrow night for Maggie's employees. I'm cooking for 12 people, and we're having my Blue Caesar, Chicken in Brandy Cream sauce over penné pasta, and Tarte Tatin (caramel apple tarts in puff pastry) for dessert.

In the morning I have to make caesar dressing, two HUGE loaves of french bread worth of croutons, and saute 3 pounds of onions with two pounds of mushrooms for the gallon of Brandy Cream sauce that I'm making. I have a 2 pound wedge of parmesan cheese to grate along with a pound & 1/2 of blue cheese for the salad. There's 6 pounds of chicken to cook for the 10 pounds of pasta I'm serving. There are 3 bottles of Johannesburg Riesling (and 1/2 a bottle of Chardonnay that I saved for myself) chilling in the refridgerator as we speak. I'm going to make the tarts as the last thing so they will still be warm, and heat the caramel to drizzle over them right before they go to the table.

I'm really excited, I love doing this sort of thing. When I win my Lotto™ millions, this is the sort of thing I'll be doing at least once a week in the macked-out kitchen of my pimped-out house. I took an extra allergy pill so I can sleep better tonight as I'm getting up earlier in the AM than normal to get a jump on my cooking. I want to be able to take my time, and also clean house when I'm not in the kitchen.

Tomorrow is going to be uber busy, I better get some sleep...
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