April 21st, 2003

One Year Ago

jesus_h_biscuit + thedigitalghost


In this past year I think I've grown and learned more than I ever have in any other single year of my life. I told you that my life is so much better with you than it ever was without you, and you remind me of that fact every day without even trying. I cannot imagine what I would be without you, I choose not to remember.

In the past year you have been with me through insurmountable grief and given me a new set of paints each time, bringing color back into my life again to replace the empty and the grey. You have given me the opportunity to love a new family that I cherish as my own if not more than my own. You have made up where countless others have lacked and taught me to believe that all things are possible. You encourage me to live unapologetically and challenge me to push my convictions. You make the effort to understand even when we disagree. You've invented with me a language that only you and I know. You make time together doing absolutely nothing a contented experience that rivals a thrill ride. You make a stroll on the riverwalk a journey of discovery. You make me laugh so hard that I cannot regain my composure.

I love you more than I knew possible, and I thank you for showing me how. I thank you for all the gifts you bring to my life, for all of the laughter and all of the color. I look forward to many years worth of our paintings.