April 19th, 2003

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Body Identified as Laci Peterson; Scott Peterson Arrested in San Diego

I knew when he showed no emotion in press interviews and on camera back in January that he did it. When he traded her Land Rover in on a new truck for himself, started to put their house up for sale, admittted to the affair he'd had with some massage therapist skank, and came up missing after the bodies were found, that was all just coffin nails. I hope they fucking rip him apart from the inside out in prison.

I think it is an odd coincidence that being a fertilizer salesman, he made a living selling bullshit. I also think it is cool that the dealership that took her Land Rover that he traded in turned around and gave it outright to her family. I was talking to Maggie about it a few minutes ago, she asked me why I was so obsessed with this news. I told her that because a year ago SHE was pregnant with a full term baby and that when I imagined Laci Peterson, I saw her as Mags.

I am completely sickened.
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