April 15th, 2003

I am sickened

I've been keeping up on the Laci Peterson case, apparently a pregnant woman's body (minus a head and legs) washed up 2 miles from the spot her rat bastard husband claims he was when she disappeared. Yesterday the body of a full term male fetus (with umbilical cord still attatched) washed up one mile away from the spot where the woman was found today.

I hope whoever they are, they can be identified so that the families can finally have closure. I'm very saddened by this news. I feel like crying.
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Rodney King, YET AGAIN in high speed chase incident, this time crashes new SUV into house... You know, I don't know who's more stupid - this fucking yahoo, or CNN.com for the line in the story that reads "King, who is black, was chased by police through the San Fernando Valley in 1991 and was captured on videotape being beaten by four white officers." ::stabs self repeatedly in eye with rusty fork while subsequently having aneurysm::
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